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Alloy Mag Wheels

More and more people are opting for alloy mag wheels on their cars. There are numerous advantages to alloy mag wheels such as:

• Alloy mag wheels are more aesthetically pleasing

There are a large number of alloy mag designs

• Alloy mag wheels are light weight resulting in a lower inertia being imparted to the springs.

No corrosion or rust since special aluminium alloys are used

Enhanced cooling of disks and drums.

Advanti Racing ultra-lightweight alloy mag wheels are engineered to the exacting standards of Formula 1, putting true racing performance within your grip Advanti Racing has developed a new manufacturing process to produce the next generation of light weight alloy mag wheels.  The MAT series combines a one-piece wheel casting technology with a rim forming technology called the spinning process.  This new technology of casting and rim forming by the MAT process is critical in improving drastically the material property and strength of the wheels. 

Racing Hart Concepts' wheels are produced in the same facilities as Advanti Racing thereby bringing you the same levels of production, technology, expertise and quality as the official wheel partners to Scuderia Toro Rosso Formula 1. 

Mags and Wheels

Racing Hart Concepts was established in 1995 with its core aim being toward expansion into a defined market in the alloy wheel sector. Expertise and experience in the mag and wheel industry have played a major role in being able to keep abreast with the ever changing needs in the mag and wheel industry. 

Management play an active role in the design of the various mags and tyres imported by Racing Hart Concepts, and in so doing have created a distinct perception of its product. When it comes to mags and tyres, we have a variety of brands on offer that cater for specific sectors namely:

 Breyton - made only to fit BMW

Advanti Racing – formula 1 lightweight technology for your car

Wheelpros – Rugged SUV and Old School specialists

•  Trafficstar – 3-pce Japanese luxury for the discerning enthusiast

Mag Wheels for Sale

The correct mags are dependent on the type of model car that you have. We at Racing Hart Concepts have numerous brands of mag wheels for sale for a variety of different car makes and models.  There are numerous company “wheel-brands” that have mag wheels for sale which are replicas of our products. Please be warned that these products are not of the same standard and quality as our wheel mags. “Mag Sales” at ridiculously cheap prices can seem appealing but they will leave you highly disappointed in the end.

If you are looking for mags for sale, then Racing Hart Concepts is the company for you. Service and quality are key elements in our vision to successfully market our commodity, now available at all leading tyre and wheel outlets nationwide. Choose the wheels and mag company that won’t disappoint.