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The Best Mag Sale In South Africa

If you are looking for mags then you need to come to the biggest mag sale in South Africa. Here at Racing Hart Concepts we have a wide range of in house mags for you to choose from. To add to the extensive range of Racing Hart Conceptsalloy mags and wheel options available, we are the official distribution agents in Southern Africa for the Breyton, Advanti Racing, Trafficstar and Wheelpros ranges. Each of these brands cater for specific sectors within the mags and wheels market:

  • Racing Hart Concepts  - extensive mags and wheels range catering for passenger vehicles and SUV’s
  • Breyton – mags/rims made only to fit BMW
  • Advanti Racing – formula 1 lightweight alloy mag wheels technology for your car
  • Wheelpros – Rugged SUV and Old School specialists
  • Trafficstar – 3-pce Japanese luxury for the discerning enthusiast

Mags and wheels

Pimp your ride today with the best mags and wheels in South Africa.Racing Hart Concepts was established in 1995 with its core aim being toward expansion into a defined market in the alloy mag wheels sector. Expertise and experience have played a major role in being able to keep abreast with the ever changing needs in the wheels/mags industry. We strive to provide clients with alloy mags and wheels that exceed their expectations- in terms of price and quality- each and every time they purchase from our wheels and mags range.  

If you are really looking to give your car that extra bit of ‘oomph’, come to Racing Hart Conceptsfor amazing mag wheels for sale.Specialising in mags and wheels in South Africa, we are a company that truly knows how to make a car unique, eye-catching and functional. With our mag wheels for sale, you will be the talk of the town!

What are allow mag wheels?

Alloy mag wheels are a type of motor-vehicle wheel made from lightweight magnesium steel.Alloy mag wheels are sturdy, durable and extremely apeealing to the eye. Our wheels and mags wheels for sale are produced in the same facilities as Advanti Racing- this means that we at Racing Hart Concepts bring you the same levels of production, technology, knowledge and quality as the official wheel partners to Scuderia Toro Rosso Formula 1. The MAT series combines a one-piece wheel casting technology with a mags/rims forming technology called the spinning process for the best alloy mags.  This new technology of casting and rim forming by the MAT process is vital in improving drastically the material property and strength of the wheels and mags. If you are looking for quality mags for sale, you are bound to find everything you need right here at Racing Hart Concepts. Our wheels/magsare simply superior. Management plays an active role in the design of the various wheels/mags imported by Racing Hart Concepts, and in so doing have created a distinct perception of the product.

Find the best mag sale in South Africa at Racing Hart Concepts. Contact us today and find out about our specials.